Child Car Seats

Child Car Seat Film

RoSPA's "Carrying Children Safely" film is divided into several chapters, including an introduction to child car seats and why they are needed, as well as sections on choosing and fitting rearward facing seats, forward facing seats, and booster seats and booster cushions. It also includes information about the laws on carrying children.

Please note: This film was produced in 2008, therefore, the child casualty statistics shown in the captions are out of date, and the film does not refer to the new i-size standard. However, the advice on choosing and using child car seats is still correct.


Introduction - Why Child Seats Are Important


Choosing and Fitting Rear-facing Child Seats


Choosing and Fitting Forward-facing Child Seats


Choosing and Fitting High Backed Booster Seats and Booster Cushions


The Law On Using Child Car Seats


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